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The unemployment insurance (UI) program is provided to the residents of Arizona by the Department of Economic Security (DES). You must contact the Employment Administration in Phoenix if you have any questions or concerns regarding your UI claim.



In the state of Arizona, you must be unemployed due to no fault of your own in order to be eligible for UI benefits. You must also be actively seeking employment, able to work, and ready to take on any suitable job offer that is provided to you by the DES. As part of your application, you must register with a reemployment service provider, and you must reside in Arizona for the period in which you wish to receive UI benefits.

Monetary Eligibility Requirement

This requirement is based on your earnings from a specific 12-month period known as your “base period.” This period is the first four quarters out of the last five completed quarters before the date that you application for UI is submit. Your base period is used to determine the maximum amount of UI benefits you are eligible to receive. In Arizona, you can receive up to a maximum amount of $240 per week, while the minimum is $122 per week. Additionally, you can benefit from UI payments for up to 26 weeks, depending on the amount of your earnings of your base period. However, you can continue to receive UI benefits after the 26th week if you had any deductible income during your benefit year (the 52-week period in which your claim was effective). In this case, you will continue receiving payments until the maximum benefit amount has been paid.

To satisfy the monetary eligibility requirement, you must have earned a total of at least $7000 in two of the four quarters in your base period, and you must have earned at least $5900 in one of these two quarters. You also must have earned at least $1500 in one of the four quarters of your base period. Moreover, the quarter in which you earned the most wages is considered your “high quarter.” Thus, the wages of your high quarter must be at least 390 times the minimum wage in Arizona, and your total wages from the other three quarters must be equal to or less than half the wages of your high quarter. Additionally, your total wages of all four quarters of your base period must be at least 1.5 times the wages of your high quarter. As can be seen, there are several monetary conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for UI benefits in Arizona.

How to File a Claim

Although the process of determining your eligibility can be difficult to follow, the application process has been simplified for you. You can apply for UI benefits online or in-person by visiting any local “one-stop” career center. Before you file your claim, you will need to make sure that you have the following items:

  • Social Security Number, address, and telephone number
  • Driver’s license or identification card
  • Employment history from the last 18 months, which includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all your previous employers
  • You must also have the reasons for separation from all previous positions
  • Banking information if you wish to receive payments through direct deposit
  • Name(s) of dependent(s)

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