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The unemployment insurance (UI) program is offered by the North Dakota State Government. For all inquiries regarding UI claims and benefits, the Job Service of North Dakota can be contacted directly. The UI program is designed to provide a temporary source of income to individuals who are unemployed and actively seeking new job opportunities.



According to the state, you must be completely unemployed through no fault of your own if you wish to qualify for UI benefits. As a result, you must also be willing to work, physically able to work, and ready to take on full-time employment if a suitable position is found. In the case that you are partially employed or working on a per-contract basis, you will need to report all of your earnings up to the date that your initial claim is filed. Thereafter, your eligibility will be determined based on your particular situation.

Work Search Requirement

You must satisfy this requirement to ensure continued eligibility for UI benefits. Thus, you must be actively seeking employment and provide a work search log outlining your attempts to contact potential employers. In specific, you must contact at least four potential employers for each week that you wish to receive UI benefits. Additionally, you must register with a reemployment service (RES) program approved by the state within 10 days of filing your claim. As part of this step, you may be required to attend workshops, training sessions, and an interview with a career counselor.

Monetary Eligibility Requirement

Your monetary eligibility will be based on the earnings from your “base period,” which is made up of the first four quarters out of the last five completed quarters of the calendar year. In general, you must have earned enough wages in this period to qualify for UI benefits. The earnings from your base period will be used to calculate your weekly and maximum benefit amounts. For instance, your weekly benefit amount will be based on the sum of the 2.5 quarters in which you earned the most wages (2.5 high quarters). You will need to divide this sum by 65 in order to get a rough estimate of what you will be eligible to receive on a weekly basis through the UI program.


The maximum benefit amount will be based on your total earnings from your base period. Thus, there is a benefit chart that has been created to help you determine where you fall in terms of your income from your base period. In North Dakota, you will not receive more than $516 per week or less than $43 per week in UI benefits. Furthermore, the state permits you to receive a maximum of 26 weeks of benefit payments in one benefit year, which is a specific 52-week period determined by a claims specialist.

How to File a Claim

The easiest way to file a UI claim is through the Internet Claims Entry System (UI ICE). However, you can also submit a claim by contacting the main claim center at 1-800-366-6888. Finally, you can complete this process in-person by visiting your nearest local UI office. Before you can start the application process, you will need your Social Security Number (SSN) and the details of your employment history from the last 18 months.

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