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States with the Lowest Number of Unemployment Collection Weeks

Periods of unemployment can cause financial strains on you and your family. Once you qualify to receive unemployment insurance (UI), there are certain requirements you must meet to continue receiving benefits. However, even if you do everything you need to do to maintain your eligibility, there are limits regarding how long you can collect UI.

The average amount of time you can collect unemployment compensation (UC), which is another name for UI, is 26 weeks. However, some states have even greater restrictions about the number of weeks you can receive unemployment benefits. The following states have shorter timelines you need to be aware of if you plan on collecting UC in one of them.


If you recently lost your job in Florida, the maximum number of consecutive weeks you can collect unemployment benefits is less than half the national average. In this state, you can only receive UC for a maximum of 12 weeks in a row. If you qualify for support, the maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA) you can receive is $275.

North Carolina

North Carolina is tied with Florida for offering unemployment compensation for the shortest amount of time. In this state, benefits are only available for a maximum of 12 weeks. If you qualify for UI, though, you cannot receive more than $350 each week.


Unemployed workers in Missouri may be eligible to receive UC for 13 weeks or less. This is half the national average for the number of weeks individuals can collect unemployment. People who qualify for UC in Missouri may be eligible to receive a maximum WBA of $320 during their unemployment.


If you are unemployed in Georgia and qualify for UI benefits, you could be able to receive support for 14 weeks maximum. However, you must meet the state’s requirements to continue collecting benefits for this entire length of time. Regardless of your eligibility, the maximum amount of benefits you could receive is $330 each week.


In Kansas, unemployment benefits are available for a maximum of 16 weeks. Like other states, this limit can change depending on the state’s unemployment rate. Currently, Kansas’ maximum WBA available to enrollees is $474.


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