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Four Activities You Can Do While Unemployed That May Help You Find Work
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Whether you have been unemployed for a short time or an extended period, it can be difficult to stay positive (and sane) when you do not have anything to do. However, there are several activities that you may want to consider trying while unemployed. The following five activities will not only help you stay active, but they may also lead to job opportunities that you didn’t think were possible to find.

Find Temporary or Contract Assignments

Some people seem to think that taking on part-time, temporary, or contract work can hurt your chances of obtaining a “real” job. However, working during a recession is the best way to fill in the gaps on your resume. In fact, YourEmployment is a career-search website that conducts studies and surveys based on the activities of its users, and the website revealed that employers are sympathetic towards individuals who tried to obtain some type of employment during a low-economic period. Furthermore, some contract and/or temporary assignments can lead to recommendations for permanent positions if the hirees do well in their positions.

Try Volunteering

Nowadays, your credentials are made up of more than your academic and professional experience. Instead, volunteer and extracurricular activities are given significant weight in determining whether a candidate is the right person for a particular position. According to Forbes Magazine, volunteer experience makes you 60 percent more employable and marketable in the business world. This is because volunteer experience shows employers that you are willing to learn and open to adapting to new settings. It also demonstrates that financial gain is not your only focus; in contrast, it shows that you value the development of your character and integrity.

Develop Your Network

This “step” or type of activity can be combined with volunteering as networking is generally one of the advantages of being a volunteer. However, there are other ways that you can develop your network if you are not able or interested in volunteering. For instance, there are conferences for business professionals that take place annually or bi-annually. Moreover, you can visit job fairs and other community-wide events that are catered towards helping individuals find employment. Generally, the more people you know in a particular field of work, the more likely you are to be considered for a position within the field.

Start Blogging

With the explosion of social media over the last decade, blogging has become the new form of self-marketing. More specifically, professional blogs are able to add value to your portfolio as they demonstrate your expertise in a particular field. Not to mention, you are able to convey your personality, knowledge, and passion through your blog. For some employers, a professional blog will set you apart from your competition as it shows that you are taking initiative to be seen as a unique candidate in your area of work. That said, a professional blog might just be your ticket to finding the job of your dreams.

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