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Using Unconventional Job Hunting Methods
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There are two forms of communication, a direct and indirect form. Depending on which form you choose to use, you can get in touch with the potential employers that you wish to reach by simply contacting them using an unconventional, unique, or less commonly used method of communication. In fact, there are several job hunting ideas that you can use to get the attention of your next employer.


Send Your Resume by Mail

Nowadays, it is less common to receive anything by mail besides official documents from the government, bills, and advertisements. For this reason, you can count on the fact that most employers are no longer receiving applications or resumes in paper form through regular mail. Although this can seem like a traditional form of communication, it can be very effective when you wish to contact small or local businesses in particular. Moreover, you can ensure that your resume will directly land into the hands of the desired individual.

Try Cold Calling

In most cases, cold calling does not seem as though it will be a helpful way to obtain information about employment opportunities. However, there are many cases in which secretaries and assistants can provide job seekers with the information they need by telephone. If you wish to find out whether a particular company or business is hiring, you can simply call to find out. However, you may be advised to use other methods of obtaining this information, such as the going online or visiting in person.

Meet Industry Professionals

The easiest way to get your name and face out to potential employers is to meet with them in person. Although most conferences that are industry specific will be private, there are some that are open to the public. For a nominal fee, you can attend workshops that are geared toward specific types of businesses. At the same time, you can meet with professionals to discuss your work search efforts to obtain employment in their particular field.


Write a Blog

If you wish to catch the attention of a specific type of employer or niche market, a unique and less direct way of making yourself visible to potential employers is by writing a blog. Through your blog, you can share as much or as little information about yourself as you desire. You can also cater your blog to discuss products, services, research, or discoveries that relate to your specific area of interest. As a result, you may be able to attract followers and catch the eye of potential employers who can help you advance in your work search plan.

Use Social Networking Websites

Although social networking websites are used for recreational purposes, there are more networking websites that are sprouting up as resources for job seekers. For instance, you can use a social networking website such as LinkedIn to make yourself visible to potential employers and contact industry professionals directly. In some cases, you can use websites such as Facebook or Twitter, which are typically used for personal reasons, to follow the companies or businesses that interest you. Through their contact pages, you can directly inquire about new and potential job opportunities.

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