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The False Statistic You Should Ignore: 47% of Unemployed Have Completely Given Up On Looking For Work
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This isn’t something we normally do but there is a statistic that just came out that journalist across the country are taking the wrong way.

The statistic, again is this:  47% of Unemployed have “completely” given up on finding a job.

Let me show you the actual question and then I’ll tell you why its bogus:

How much do you agree with…the following statement:  I’ve completely given up on looking for a job.   

The “Net” agree is 47% but this is actually meaningless.  Only 7% of respondants marked “Agree Completely” and another 7% marked “Agree a lot” that leaves the vast majority of this supposed 47% that haven’t given up hope of finding a job.

The same study reinforces what I am saying because the next question is literally:

How much do you agree with…the following statement:  I’m hopeful that I will find a job I really want in the next 6 months.

Do you know what precentage of people “Agreed” with this?  91% only 9% do not agree at all.

So, while the headline you’ll see this week is “47% of Unemployed Have Completely Given Up On Looking For Work”  realize the headline should read “91% of Unemployed Still Hopeful To Find a Great Job In The Next 6 Months”.


Don’t fall for deceptive reporting practices.

Oh, and if you’re interested here is a link to the study (PDF warning)

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