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I’m a 20-Something College Graduate. How Do I Find a Job?

Three answers: hard work during the job search, acceptance of starting at the bottom, and luck. There are 2.9 applicants for every job opening in the United States, so it’s likelier than not you’ll spend a number of years not in your desired field or career. While you’re working on landing a career perfectly suited to you, volunteer, engage in career-related extracurriculars, and improve your “soft” skills: communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to lead, critical thinking, collaboration, appearance, punctuality, and flexibility, among others.

We Need More Young Talent in Our Office. How Do I Find Millennials in Need of Work?

Along with college grads having difficulty finding work, so, too, do employers. The 2013 Talent Shortage Survey by Manpower Group found that 39% of American employers are having difficulty filling jobs. You’re most out of luck if you’re trying to find skilled laborers, engineers, sales reps and technicians, but more in luck if you employ general laborers or office staff. However, to try and fill a job at any company, set up internships; turn to talent pools (even looking out of state or country); partner up with local schools’ career centers; take a closer look at applicants who don’t necessarily have the skills and training, but possess the ability to learn and grow into the position; adopt new people practice strategies; or use modified work models.

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