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What Are Job Development Services?

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In a nutshell, job development services help you fine-tune your knowledge and skills so that you can be as competitive an applicant as possible in the workforce. This can entail just about anything, such meeting with a career counselor or recruiter/headhunter regularly, using a job center’s resources, or undergoing training or upgrading classes. Essentially, job development speakers make you job-ready so you can jump into the workforce.

Do I Have to Pay for Job Development Services?

The short answer is possibly, depending on where you go. Think of it like taking a university course: you can pay for a top-notch tutor who’ll coach you for 20 hours a week and help you immensely, or you can form a study group for free.

Many community or job development centers do offer free services, depending on what city and state you live in, and many community or job development centers charge fees for their services. It also depends on both how badly you want to find a job and how much you’re able to pay. Money talks and gives you the option to buy bright minds to help you (and also tends to require less searching to find good services), but there are also just as smart people who believe these services shouldn’t cost anything.

Will I be Able to Find a Job After the Process?

Theoretically, yes. But in an economy where there are 2.9 applicants per job, there’s no guarantee that your name will rise to the top of the list. It certainly won’t hurt to use job development services, as you’ll be able to hone in on your weak spots and turn them into strengths. But you’ll also have to do a lot of legwork, like handing out plenty of resumes, following up with employers, keeping your CV filled (e.g. volunteering), networking with professionals, and treating the search process like a job.

Job development services are handy in that they offer you current and professional assistance in many markets, but they won’t hold your hand and find you that magical career. It’s your livelihood, so put in that effort and make calls and shake hands. However hard you might find it, it’ll be nothing compared to the relief of finding a secure career once again.

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