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What is the Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFW) Program?

The MSFW program is a set of baseline standards and services set out at the federal level that each state alters based on the needs of farmers and migrant workers within, and—put very simply—helps them with benefits and protections; offers job training, development, or referral services; provides access to job bank services; and other services. Depending on the state you live in, the MSFW program’s services will vary. For example, Arizona provides a number of services and programs through the MSWF program, such as targeting workers who speak limited English, while Illinois has bilingual staff dedicated to providing field outreach and services.

Can the MSWF Program Help Me Find Steady Employment?

Possibly, depending on the state you live in and your status within the state and country. To be 100% sure of what services you qualify for, contact your state’s (un)employment agency. However, because the MSFW program is one that’s been mandated at the federal level and each state has to at least meet a baseline in helping their MSFWs, many do offer programs and services linked to finding workers find steady employment.

The MSFW program can only go so far in helping you find employment before two factors set in: how the economy behaves, which determines the future of agriculture in America, and how smart and hard you work at your job to ensure it remains steady.

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