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The unemployment insurance (UI) program is administered by the Office of Unemployment Compensation in Ohio. It is intended to help individuals who have experienced a loss of wages due to temporary unemployment. Through this office, the reemployment services are offered in English and Spanish.


Eligibility & Benefits

You must be completely or partially unemployed in order to be eligible for UI benefits. If you are partially employed, you must be earning less than your potential weekly benefit amount. In the case that you are unemployed, it must be due to no fault of your own. You must also be actively seeking employment and ready to work if you are offered a suitable position. You will need to prove that you are looking for a job by satisfying the work search requirement, which states that you must keep a record of the potential employers that you contacted as part of your search for employment.

You must meet a monetary eligibility requirement before you can submit a claim for UI benefits. You must have earned enough money in your “base period,” which is a 12-month period consisting of the first four quarters out of the last five completed quarters before the quarter in which you submit your claim. For instance, you must have worked at least 20 “qualifying” weeks of your base period to be eligible for UI benefits. However, you can still apply for benefits using an “alternate base period” if you have worked less than 20 “qualifying” weeks. This alternative consists of the last four completed quarters before your claim becomes effective.

Your potential earnings on a weekly basis and in total are based on your earnings from your base period. In Ohio, the minimum benefit amount that you can receive is $230 per week; however, the amount changes every year based on the amount that you earned in your base period.

Additionally, you must file ongoing claims for the weeks that you are unemployed in order to continue receiving UI benefits. Your payments can be sent to you through direct deposit or provided to you on a U.S. Bank ReliaCard® which will be sent to you by U.S. mail within 10 days of filing your claim. However, payments through direct deposit will be made weekly, and those made to the debit card will be done on a bi-weekly basis.

How to File a Claim

You can choose to file your claim online or by telephone at 1-877-OHIO-JOB (644-6562). However, you can also apply for UI benefits at your local library or “one-stop” job centers. You will need the following information to submit your application:

  • Social Security Number, address, and telephone number
  • Driver’s license or identification card
  • The names, addresses, phone numbers of all employers from the last six weeks
  • The dates of employment, your earnings, and the reasons for separation from all positions held within the last six weeks
  • Banking information to set up payments through direct deposit, such as your bank account number and routing number
  • Alien registration if you are not a U.S. citizen
  • Names of dependents
  • Banking information if you wish to receive payments through direct deposit

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