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Recruitment of Job Seekers

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There are basically two ways people become employed: finding one themselves, and being recruited for one. And people who are recruited are likelier to become employed because employers prefer to hire someone they’re at least familiar with, as opposed to applicants who cold call.

I am an HR Professional and I Want to Find More Qualified Candidates

In a way, this is the trickier side to be on because you’re laden with the responsibility of finding qualified, suitable candidates. And as well as having to know everything from labor law to conflict resolution and people management, you also have to know where to look. A great place to start is YourEmployment a job search page with 15 million registered users that continues to grow each day. By going to YourEmployment, it’s not a matter of if you’ll find the right candidate, it’s a matter of when.

I am a Small Business Owner and Would Like to Find More Qualified Candidates

Before you go on the hunt for more employees, you have to sort out the technicalities and legalities of doing so. Do you have enough workplace insurance to cover the number of employees you’re looking to amass? Are you able to offer healthcare insurance?

Once you answer these questions and more, you can start the search by going over to YourEmployment. You can also ask some of the contacts you’ve made through networking, as it makes the candidate search if people can vouch for another’s personality and work habits. Look for employees that both fit in personality-wise into the existing workplace, and have a special skill or knowledge base that can drive your company forward.

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